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Living with the Kennedys is very much worth reading...”

--Peter Collier, Book World

“Throughout this searing, eloquent book, Marcia Chellis lauds Joan’s willpower, innate decency and integrity.”
--Judy Bass, the Boston Herald

“I think you provide a tremendous source of encouragement. How wonderful a feeling it must be for you to know you are reaching so many people manifesting hope and purpose and new spirit.”
--Letter from a reader

“The book does make readers feel sympathy and admiration for Kennedy.”
--Julie Gilbert, the Houston Post

“I loved the book. It was such an inspiration to me as I am also an alcoholic. Thanks for writing a super story about a super lady. I’ve been greatly inspired by the strength and courage of you and Joan to continue to grow and change.”
--Letter from a reader

“I really enjoyed our conversation and I admire the way you stand up for your convictions. You are the right person with the right stuff to chronicle profiles of feminine courage.”
--Jack Russell, San Mateo Times

"I picked up your book The Joan Kennedy Story at the Friend's Book Corner in our local library and I just finished it. You are a marvelous writer. How lucky she was to have you! I thought you would like to know that even though you wrote this book so many years ago, it was just read anew and loved by one person. My very best"
--Letter from a reader